Sexual Experimentation; Am I Gay?

In days of yore, most people engaging sexually with members of the same sex were keen to hide their identity. Some people believe they were born with an attraction to the same sex while others find themselves hooked after experimentation. In this day and age, the sexual engagement of same sex partners is not abnormal; it lives and dwells in our midst. “Some people will find themselves addicted to engaging sexually with the same sex and will do anything to get it, it is their drug of choice. They may identify as heterosexual, but their drug-seeking behavior outweighs their sexual orientation.” Teresa Maples a renowned counselor states.


The question “am I gay if I experiment” is not easy to answer. In fact, the individual needs to explore and understand him or herself better, which may ultimately lead to an answer. Curiosity prior to age 25 is totally normal, developmentally speaking; some kids will ask themselves that question and it’s normally too early to answer the question with certainty. However, those people who experiment may actually be homosexual; they just have not come out, even to themselves. They may have the attraction to the same sex but they spend a lot of time resisting that feeling.

It’s also important to note that just because a person experiments with and enjoys intercourse with the same sex, they are not necessarily gay or lesbian.

Is that person gay?

Finding out whether someone is gay/lesbian is no easy task as even today, most of them will do anything it takes to conceal the act. These individuals are revolted by the thought of having s same sex relationship; however, they find out that the sexual release they get from these encounters is exactly what they are seeking. There isn’t any sure-fire way to tell whether someone is gay/lesbian or not, however, there are certain stereotyped mannerisms. The fashion and some speech styles in some cultures coincide with homosexuality however it’s important to note that just because an individual is stylish, does not mean they are gay or lesbian! This can only act as a rough guide, allowing the formation of hypotheses but they will not always indicate homosexuality. The rough guide can therefore misidentify some straight as they don’t fit the stereotypes. The only sure way is for that someone to tell you honestly. Otherwise, you can only assess probabilities.

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