He is gay? Now, you do surprise me!

A group of Debden escorts recently came in to visit us here at the Dating Agencies, and we ended up talking about famous gay guys. The girls from the Debden escorts agency certainly knew a lot more about gays celebs than I do, so I asked the Debden escorts to come up with five surprising gay guys that I knew nothing about.

After a couple of couple of coffees the Debden escorts had finished with their assigned task, and I sat down with them to find out who they had decided where the hottest gay guys out there. However, first of all I asked the Debden escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/debden-escorts how you can spot a gay celeb?

How to spot a gay celeb?

Debden escorts
Debden escorts

I am apparently not very good at spotting a gay celeb because many names on the list were news to me. The girls from the Debden escorts agency that visited us must have a hidden talent for this kind of work.

The best way to spot a gay celebs is to check out the way they are dressed off screen. If, they are nice and neatly dressed, they are much more likely to be gay.

Now, my husband is always nicely dressed and believe me, my husband is very far from being gay. So, what should I look for? Checkered suits, or pink stripped suits? I am just totally confused here. Do gay men wear pink socks just to signal their sexuality, or do they wear a particular type of color Ben Sherman shirt?

Spotting a gay guy is not as easy as it seems. Looking at the gay celebrities, I would not have put down any of them as gay, if the Debden escorts had not pointed it out to me, and I am not so sure the rest of the general public would have done so either.
Life is certainly not very easy these days.

Neil Patrick Harris from the American sitcom How I met your mother is gay! Now there is a shocker! He plays this really red hot guy in the sitcom who chases after every girl in town. I find it amazing to find out that he is gay! Okay, yes he is a very smart dresser and apparently he married his partner in 2014.

We have all heard of singer Ricky Martin, but who would have thought Ricky is gay?! The amount of times I have danced to La Vida Loca, and not known anything about that! Now, that is swiveling and gyrating pelvis a lot of ladies will lose out on. It is a real shame, and he is such as sexy dancer as well.

Wentworth Miller is another sex bomb who I thought was straight. You may remember him from the series Prison Break, and I must admit there will be on or two heartbroken ladies out there when they hear these news.

Okay there has been some classical Hollywood stars such as Rock Hudson and Richard Chamberlain who were gay but I hardly think that John Wayne was gay.

Here is another surprise for you – Russel Tovey. You may remember this handsome guy from Looking but I am sorry to have to tell you he is gay, ladies.

Many of us ladies us to love Dr O’Malley in the Grey’s anatomy but do you know that back in 2013, he married his gay partner Patrick Leahy? What a shame, the guy is so cute and I would just love to have taken him home.

Sorry ladies, I will know there will be a few broken hearts out there but at least we know a little bit more about who is gay… fancy Ricky Martin being gay!?

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