Why you should consider an escorts career in Essex

Yes, it is popular to work as an escort in the center of London, and you can do seriously well. However, after having spent a lot of time working in London, I decided that it wasn’t for me any more. I needed to take a different look at escorting. Lots of the gents that I dated came from Essex. Yes I know that Essex includes places such as Romford and Ilford, but you will also find some nice village in the Essex country side. Lots of the gents that I dated in London came from the rural part of Essex, and this is why I decided to join Essex escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts.

escorts career in Essex
escorts career in Essex

Finding an Essex escorts service was not very difficult. There are quite a few escorts services in Essex but I wanted to join a more elite and higher end service. In the end, I did manage to find the perfect Essex escorts service for me, and I joined about a month later after having rented out my flat in London. It was great and I soon realized that I had made the right move. I wasn’t dated any of the same gents that I had dated in London, but I was dating lots of nice gents.

Dating in Essex is slightly different. Life in London is rather hectic but things are different in Essex. The first thing I noticed is that dates are less rushed, and you seem to have more time for your gents. Another thing that I soon realized was that people date on a much more regular basis in Essex. In London, you may see the same gent once a week, but in Essex you may have several dates with the same gent in one week. That is so much nicer, and you get a chance to get to know people.

I was also able to lower my hourly rates. In a way, this is why so many gents are keen to see you a little bit more often. It is nice to see a girl once a week, but it is even nicer to see your escort more often. I think that you see your dates or gents more often is what makes Essex escorts so unique. Also, you do a lot more restaurant dates, and of course then you get the chance to spend even more time in your gent’s company.

Now, I am really pleased that I changed my lifestyle, and moved out to rural Essex. It is everything that I expected it to be, and then some. If it continues like this, I will sell my place in London, and move out to Essex full time. I am sure it is going to keep getting better and better, and I have this funny feeling that I am going to be happy here in Essex for a very long time. Maybe I will after all become a real Essex girl, and carry on working for Essex escorts for the rest of my escorting career.

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