I don’t know what it is, but I always manage to end up having a sexy holiday romance.


The other girls that I work with at London escorts come back from holiday, and say that they may have met a guy, but it has not been any special relationship at all. Personally, I always come back having met at special guy and enjoyed a great time. Is it just luck? My girlfriends at London escorts agency say that I just attract guys. I have to say that I really don’t go out of my way to do so, it just happens naturally.

Do I enjoy my holiday romances? I have to admit that I don’t think that a holiday is complete without a romance. So perhaps my friends back at London escorts are right. I do attract men but I do so without knowing that I am doing so. To be honest, I am a terrible. The thing is that I get a kick out of flirting. I flirt with my dates at London escorts, guys that I meet on the Underground and even women. The truth is that I am just one of these girls who believe that we can all benefit from a smile and wink of an eye.

Do I flirt on holiday? I think that I just do it automatically without thinking about it. This time I met this really nice airplane pilot on holiday, and we had a great time together. I have a real passion for men in uniform, and when they visit me at London escorts, I go completely wild. This guy was not very his uniform, but the fact that he was a pilot turned me on massively. In my opinion he was really sexy and could visit me at London escorts any time. We did have a really good time together and managed to really enjoy ourselves after our dinners out and a few cocktails. Just the right holiday romance for me.

The girls at London escorts think that I am a little bit naughty. The person that I am trying to pick up on holiday may be somebody’s husband. I know that is true, but I don’t think that many husbands would take a holiday without their wives. Okay, you may get the odd lot of golfers who could perhaps holiday without their wives. I am careful as I do not want to upset anybody, and I do make sure that I use protection all of the time. But like I say to the sexy girls at London escorts. I like to enjoy my holidays in more ways than one.

Many of us possible go on holiday to seek a bit of romance. Maintaining a relationship while working for London escorts is not easy at all. I miss romance when I am back in London and this is perhaps the reason why I like to flirt. Yes, it is nice to come back home with a couple of new dresses, but coming back home with the memory of a holiday romance is even more important to me. That is why I always take holidays on my own. I find that I am much more likely to meet somebody when I travel alone. After all, the gents can only focus on one person in that case.

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