My Personal Diary

This is something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because it’s something that I find really interesting, and that is keeping a diary. A little bit with for a Chelsea Escort of girl like me.

I am a famous starter of diaries, but never a finisher of diaries, and I think that’s just something that happens just in my dating life, I start a lot of things, and I never follow through.

I used to keep loads of diaries when I was in my early teens, I would literally write about seven pages a night. I just had so many feelings. What did I even write about, probably boys.

Let’s be honest, Hannah.

When I was about 16 I found these diaries and they were just so cringey, and I couldn’t handle them, and 16 year old Hannah, who thought that she was cooler than 13 year old Hannah, just couldn’t handle it, and threw away all of the diaries.

But now, as a 23 year old, I have two diaries.

The first diary that I own is this five year diary that my mum got me for Hanukkah one year, basically each page is a day and there are five sections, so for five years you write what you did on that day.

As you can see, I am on my third year. It’s basically like old fashioned Time hop. There’s not really emotions or feelings in this, it’s just more of a this is what I did.

Let me read you a random one.

April 12th, 2013,

Dating a sexy guy from New York “Danny”. Swim, sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzi, full body massage, dinner, aw yeah.

2014, chill day, ran errands in Chilton, played a card game with a guy I date, then it got boring and we called it a day, then cleared out junk from bedroom, had dinner, and watched the end of Toy Story 3 with my roommate from Chelsea Escorts.

I was inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire. This is not spoiler-y, by the way. The character Arya Stark has to tell this person three things that she’s learnt since she last saw him, and I really liked that, and it didn’t have to be profound things that she’d learnt, it just could be things that she’d noticed or picked up on.

I started doing that every time I write in my diary, and they’re really stupid. William Blake’s tombstone is in the cemetery by my work.

There are ponds in Hampstead Heath that you can go swimming in. But then there’s some other ones like artificial intelligence is scary and could be the death of us all. What I thought I would do for your entertainment, is just pick random lines and read them out to you completely out of context.

Apparently this is the start of the rest of my life, I’m avoiding life by going on holiday. I’m not really a fan of their relationship, I only see the bad things.

I wish I had a boyfriend just so I could have genuine friendships with straight men, and there’s no confusion about attraction. I’ve a lot of great friendships with men, but sometimes I feel there’s a strange undertone.

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