I really miss Sundays back in Poland.

Since joining London escorts from https://www.cityofeve.org I have had very few Sundays off, and that is such a shame. As I am catholic, I do like going to Sunday mass. Back home in Poland we used to call it dressed to be blessed and that is a very accurate description of a Sunday in Poland. We all used to put on our best clothes and go to church. Of course, Catholics all around the world do the same thing, and for all of us, Sunday is a very special day.

Here in the UK the approach to Sundays seem to be different. I don’t always find myself working for London escorts on Sundays, but I do find myself doing other things. I think in many ways there is a shame that you have Sunday opening, but I can see the upside as well. It gives people who work during the week a chance to go off and do the shopping. Sometimes I even think that the supermarket has become my new church, I am always finding myself in there getting the shopping and picking up bargains on a Sunday with my friends.

It took me a little while to get used to the life here in the UK. More than anything when I am not at London escorts, I miss my family and I think of all of the things we used to do when we were together. It was so nice to be able to go to church and then out to dinner in the afternoon. We did not always go out to dinner. Sometimes a relative would cook and we would all go around to their house. It was great to be with family, and the occasion could last all day.

Quite a few of the other girls at London escorts are Polish as well, and we try to make the most of it. There are rather a few Polish people living in the UK at the moment, and it is easy to get things like Polish food. The only problem is that sometimes it does not taste the same. It is the same brand and everything but it could be something in the Polish air that makes it special. I do try to get back to Poland, and when I finish work I am often straight on Skype to friends in Poland.

I also make sure that I can have time off from London escorts. My favorite time off is during the apple picking season. My uncle has this really huge orchard, and we all get together to bring in the apples. It is a great experience, and we make all sorts of things with apples in Poland. Apple Vodka is my favorite, and then of course we have cabbage with apples as well. Maybe Poland should be known as the country of the Apples in the EU. After all, I have never seen so many apples as I have seen in Poland. Starting my own orchard would be a great thing to do one day.

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