I want more than he can offer

I am in relationship with this really great guy I met at Beckenham escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/beckenham-escorts. At first, we were only dating at Beckenham escorts, but then things started to change. Okay, I still felt like I was his sexy hook up at the escort agency, but there was something different to the relationship as well. One evening we sat down and talked to each other, and after a little while, we agreed to be exclusive with each other outside of Beckenham escorts.


It felt really good to have a boyfriend outside of Beckenham escorts. Most of the girls that I work with can relate to how I feel about my boyfriend. When you work for an escort service, a lot of guys think that you are not really girlfriend material but this guy was different. He did not worry about the fact I worked as an escort at all, and just wanted to spend time with me.


The more time I spent with him, the more I feel in love. Waking up next to him on Sunday morning was a real pleasure. It felt so good to snuggle up to him, and we used to spend the entire day together. Although he is older than I am, we do a lot of things together. Hanging out with him is a truly special experience. We do things like go to have brunch in some of the best places in London, and then we may spend the rest of the day walking around London together.


He is a really busy guy, and works really hard. That is where the problem starts. I would like to spend more time with him, and perhaps even hook up on a more permanent basis. But the problem is that he says that he cannot commit to me in that sort of way. If he did so, he says that his company would suffer, and he would soon be a less happier man. They are the exact words that he uses. I know that he is  complete workoholic and it cannot be good for him, but I also appreciate what he is saying.


At the moment, I am not pushing him at all. When we first met at Beckenham escorts, I did not push him into anything at all and that is why we ended up together. I am just going to let life take it course. If we end up together, it would be great but I am content with what I have at the moment. He is great in so many different ways, and I love that we are together. I have a feeling that one day he will become tired of being the big business man, and realise that there is more to life than money. It may take some time, but I am a rather patient young lady, and I am happy to wait for a bit longer. In the meantime, we really do have great time together.  I am just going to make the most of what I have got.


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